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Well Integrity Smart Platform

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Cost Reduction by oil and gas companies

Increase Mature Field and high trending of failure

Growing key application Area


Well Surface Equipment Management

Whatever the Surface equipment manufacturer, WelliRSIntelligent Data Analysiswill capture all surface equipment activities and define the barrier status in real time with a predication of equipment failure rate.

Well Construction Management

The well construction details help to investigate and identify the integrity gaps during the initial construction of the well. These integrity drawbacks and shortfalls generally result in integrity problems during the production phase of the well life.

Wells Dashboard

Real-time dashboard with high capabilities to support decision making, Providing up to date field information and representation of wells Risk Status.

Well Equipment Reliability

Collect, analysis and process reliability data for vital well equipment. The reliability data serv as a valuable decision basis for the oil companies, but also provide a unique source of feedback on performance for the downhole equipment manufacturers.

Well Compliance

Well Compliance is effective regulation to protect communities and environment during oil and gas development and production. WelliRS share the responsibility to comply with government and operator requirements to help ensuring the communities and environment are protected.

Wells Annuli Management

Annulus Pressure Buildup affects >30% wells globally.In the last 10 years well integrity cost operators >USD 75 billion and this has provided the impetus for the industry to focus on and rework. WelliRS Smart Solution focus on deep Annulus Pressure Analysis to help our client understand better SCP and take the right decision.

Maximum Allowable Annulus Surface Pressure MAASP / MOWAP

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