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Well Integrity Smart Platform


Cost Reduction by oil
and gas companies

Increase Mature Field and high
trending of failure

Growing key
application Area

The WelliRS™ Platform helps companies overcome the challenges
of deploying smart Wells technology to achieve peak operational efficiency faster.

Wells Dashboard

Well Integrity Dashboard is the Key to manage your wells and visualization solution tracking all changes and operations for the field

Well Construction

No more typing of Well Construction data, Easily Build your well, with Integrated AI solution. Today you can link your wells to the Daily Drilling Activity and get life well information.

Annulus Pressure Management

Manage your Well Annuli better and stay tuned with any anomalies trigger your well barrier Utilizing AI and ML.

Maximum Allowable Annulus Surface Pressure MAASP / MOWAP

Define the right Maximum Allowable Annulus Surface Pressure (MAASP) is a key for triggering the well Risk level while continuously monitors annular and wellhead pressure against defined well design limits.

Surface Equipment

A smart Intelligent Wellhead and Xmas Tree data Analysis

Well Compliance

Well Compliance is effective regulation to protect communities and environment during oil and gas development and production. WelliRS share the responsibility to comply with government and operator requirements to help ensuring the communities and environment are protected.

Well Equipment Reliability

Collect, analysis and process reliability data for vital well equipment. The reliability data serv as a valuable decision basis for the oil companies, but also provide a unique source of feedback on performance for the downhole equipment manufacturers.
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