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WelliRS™ means Well Integrity Research and Solution. The Name means a lot for upstream sector and we are committed to provide the last technology for well integrity Experts across every stage of the well lifecycle.
Our Platform built to begin a new era to oil and gas industry. WelliRS the solution that Well Integrity Team can depend on without compromising the quality.

Today, WelliRS™ Platform accelerate the oil and gas digital transformation through mobility, automation, predication, data integration and harnesses advance artificial intelligence technique to drive digital transformation in the oil and gas industry .

Each offered organization the opportunity to gain sustainable production by extending the well lifecycle. The IT industry is now undergoing another major transition. A new generation of 21st century technologies – including elastic cloud computing, the internet of things, and artificial intelligence – is driving digital transformation across industry, commerce, and government globally.
The data need to be processed at the rate they arrive, in a highly secure and resilient system that addresses persistence, event processing, machine learning, and visualization. These services are provided today by WelliRS at increasingly low cost with a major breakthrough that dramatically transform the modern computing for oil and gas industry and increase the privilege to Well Integrity Experts to drive the future of Well Integrity Management.

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